The Time Passing Series

As I’ve grown older I’ve become more aware of the passing of time, sometimes slowly, but passing nonetheless. History and time are documented most tangibly in the physical world and is evidenced on our aging human bodies and the environments we live in.  Having lived most of my life in older east coast American cities, the passing of time is well documented in their physical layouts, art, architecture, monuments and demography. Culturally the passing of time is recorded through changes in our behavior, attitudes and thinking. My goal with this series is to visually capture some of these varied dimensions of time passing in a personal and abstract style.

Abstract Acrylic Painting, Strata, Steve Ferretti Visual Artist

STRATA .  Acrylic on Canvas . 18" x 18" .  SOLD

Abstract Acrylic Painting, Wear Tear, Steve Ferretti Artist

WEAR & TEAR .  Acrylic on Canvas . 18" x 18" .  $475

Abstract Acrylic Painting, Transition, Steve Ferretti Visual Artist

TRANSITION .  Acrylic on Canvas . 18" x 18" .  $475

Abstract Acrylic Painting, Counting Time, Steve Ferretti Visual Artist

COUNTING TIME .  Acrylic on Canvas . 18" x 18" .  $475

Paintings are available for exhibition and/or purchase. Please contact me.

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